Sneak Robber

Sneak Robber is a competitive, asymmetric multiplayer game, in which a pair of thieves must plunder a deadly and dangerous haunted mansion while avoiding a player-controlled ghost. In this game, the team of thieves must communicate carefully in order to keep tabs on the hiding, hard-to-see ghost. Also, the game plays out on two separate monitors, so the thieves cannot see the ghost’s screen, and vice-versa.

Game play Mechanics Test

nearby ghost detection and  Vibration Mechanics

Description & Contribution 

Sneak Robber is  relatively large scale project comparing my prior project. Four team members (includes me) cooperated together to start from scratch and design, iterate and polish this game within 8 weeks and finally brought our works to the University of Michigan’s Game Design Capstone Showcase. My role in this project was not only a developer but also a project manager who kept track every week's development progress, game version iteration to made sure  we have a well-polish playable alpha version before the showcase. At the end of the showcase, we got second-most vote for players’ favorite game out of all 14 teams. Sneak Robber also highly commended by our game design instructors



Although we just had 8 weeks to develop Sneak Robber. We did experience the entire game development process during this 8 weeks. We started from scratch. At first, we did a lot of research about how kind of game we want to make.  The original idea were almost complete different from the alpha version of Sneak Robber. It is the iteration and play test help us to keep modifying and polish our game step by step to lead us to the alpha version of Sneak Robber.

Game Download URL (copy this address to browser to download the game and follow the README file instruction to install the game. Also, since this is a student project, the source code will not be posted but can be reviewed privately by sharing privately on google drive):

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