Sole survivor trailer

Sole survivor is a VR horror game emphasizing atmospheric horror. Sole is a horror game that emphasize more focus on creating atmospheric horror experience. Shooting is just part of the interaction in the game and there is no intensive shoot combat in Sole.


The design of sole is inspired from Silent Hill series and Silent Hill P.T.

The concept of different worlds in Silent Hill makes the border between reality and unreality is indistinct. Sole Survivor will introduce a similar concept of “Phase” as an indicator to demonstrate the current progress. The three phases are similar to the concept of Real world, The Fog World, The Otherworld in the Silent Hill game.


Silent Hill P.T. is a small-scale room escape horror game which includes first person interaction and excellent aural design. Most of Sole survivor’s events happen in small room scale to keep the VR experience more intense.

Game play Mechanics Test

YouTuber play through

Description & Contribution 

play through in (Chinese)

My Role


Managed development progress and content.

Assigned team tasks to other teammates.

Main Designer

Wrote design document for the game. Design main gameflow and events in visual, sound and vibration aspects.


Implemented and designed game events trigger, game manager, sound manager, hallway shader effect (bloody and moving wall).

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