Legend of Zelda (1986 NES) Dungeon Level Remake

Legend of Zelda (NES 1986)dungeon remake is the first project I finished in my Game Design course in University of Michigan. In this project, I needed to play the original game carefully and then implemented the original dungeon level and a custom level to practice my Unity3D skill.


personal contribution(mainly game logic, mechanics, animation, coding. All image art, audio contents used are downloaded from free source website.):Implemented all Link related content including Link move control, Link grid-base movement, attacking and all its animations. Wrote script to maintain character Health, damage, attacking state for Link and enemies. ImplementedUI display including inventory(display rupees, bomb and key number), health display, weapon select UI. Implement all Player weapons including swords, bow and boomerang and bomb, including pickup effect and attacking effect for each weapons. Implemented Goriya (boomerang enemy), Aquamentus(dragon boss enemy) attacking feature. Implemented movable block, Oldman room and bow room.Added audio into game including background music and different cue sound.Helped teammate to debug enemy’s movement, loot dropping, room transition and door open script. Designed custom dungeon level gameplay mechanics and implemented two player control.


An important technique I learned is how to use the Coroutine function in Unity3D to create a delay execute effect and asynchronous execution (use single thread to achieve multi-thread programming feature). I also learned how to use project management tool to keep track my project state and use management tool to assign tasks and schedule working time for team members on different tasks.I also Learned how to use iteration and playtest to debug and improve gameplay experience and feature.


Game Download URL (copy this address to browser to download the game and follow the README file instruction to install the game. Also, since this is a student project, the source code will not be posted but can be reviewed privately by sharing privately on google drive):


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